In order to ensure smooth session and a great tattoo, it is important to follow the following instructions to prepare for your appointment.


  1. Arrive to your appointment in good physical condition

  • Be well rested
  • Do not drink heavily on or before your appointment day

  • Eat well before your session

2. Only the person presently being tattooed is permitted in the studio

As our studio is very limited in space, we kindly ask that you do not bring anyone with you to the session. There is a Starbucks inside Yōga station where your friends can wait until your session is over. Children and animals are not permitted inside the studio.

Our studio is located in a residential area, so you can not stay in front of the door for neighbors. Please, ask the people accompanying you not to wait outside the door. It is disrespectful and noisy for neighbors to stay in front of their house.

3. Be certain of what you want

Tattoos are permanent, so please make sure you have decided on the placement and subject beforehand. Only then can our artists give you advice on adjusting your tattoo to fit you perfectly.

Once the deposit has been received, work on your design will begin. Please be sure about what you want, we can't change your design after the payment of the deposit. Unfortunately we do not send out the design before the appointment, however we will have a great one waiting for you!

4. Be sure of your availability

If you would like to change the date and / or time of your appointment within two weeks of the original scheduled date, the deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee. In this case, a second deposit will be required. You may change your appointment twice, however, a third change will be considered a cancellation.

If you cancel your appointment(s) for any reason, the deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee.

5. Be on time for your appointment

If for any reason you will be late on the appointed day, please let us know before the appointed time.

 If you are over an hour late with no contact, the deposit will be forfeited, and your appointment will be cancelled.


Please read the rules for understand what makes you unable to get a tattoo on the FAQ page. And for more information about our studio, our cancellation policy or lateness policy please see the payment process page or the FAQ page too.