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We only accept cash in Japanese yen on the appointment day.

If necessary we can direct you to the nearest ATM to make a cash withdrawal


*We do not accept cash in other currencies

Prices will vary depending on the design and size. The following is a rough guide to the prices we charge.

  TATTOO PRICES / Taxes included  

Minimum required payment ​
¥ 20,000 


Business card size ( ≈ 10x 5cm) 
From ¥ 31,000


Postcard size ( ≈ 10 x 15cm)
From ¥ 62,000​ 


2 postcard size ( ≈ 15 x 20cm)  
From ¥ 115,000 

Anything bigger  
¥ 20,000 / hour 



Deposit payment for one session: ¥10,000 (+ fee)

Deposits can be made by credit card online 

*We only accept payment by credit card for deposits

Please keep in mind, if you book more than one session, we require a deposit for two sessions to be made  ¥20,000 (+ fee)​ 

A deposit is required to book an appointment. Once the deposit has been received, work on your design will begin. Please be sure about what you want, we can't change your design after the payment of the deposit. We do not refund deposits.

The deposit will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo.



If you cancel your appointment(s) for any reason, the deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee.


If you would like to change the date and / or time of your appointment within two weeks of the original scheduled date, the deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee. In this case, a second deposit will be required. You may change your appointment twice, however, a third change will be considered a cancellation.

After a cancellation, a second deposit will be required. Once the second deposit payment is complete, we will confirm your new appointment.

After the deposit has been made, please make sure the appointed day is within half a year.

If an appointment is not made with the half year, the deposit will be forfeited.


If for any reason you will be late on the appointed day, please let us know before the appointed time.


If you are over an hour late with no contact, the deposit will be forfeited, and your appointment will be cancelled.


Please be careful to make note of the time and date of your appointment.


Please keep in mind that we will begin charging the hourly rate of ¥20,000 from the beginning of your appointment time, regardless of whether you are late or the size of your tattoo.

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