If you take the DentoShi Line, please be careful and do not to take the express train to come, it doesn't stop at Yoga Station!

1. When you exit the metro, walk towards the north exit and go up the big stairs.

2. Take this street, et continue straight along the street.

3. After 2 minutes, passing 7/11 on the right, continue straight along during 4 minutes.

You can see a bike shop further on the left, "Cycle Spot"

4. At the crossing after passing the bike shop, turn right.

Walk a few meters.

5. And turn again on the right.


There will be a narrow path on the right which will take you to an old apartment building.



The studio is in the middle apartment on the ground floor with a small sign on the door “Ichi Hatano"














If you can’t find us or have any problems, please give us a call at +81 (050)1564-0412 and we will come out to pick you up!